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Lead pipe extruder; Dona Aurea and Seu José

With 100 years of history in the sector, Aureamedic offers unrivaled experience and a proven track record

Team & Management

A group of highly qualified professionals dedicated to excellence in radiological protection. Our experts combine in-depth technical knowledge with a genuine passion for innovating and protecting, guaranteeing cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of customers around the world.

Sergio Kahn

Partner and Managing Director

Pedro Kahn

Partner and Operations Director

The start of the walk

Having started its activities in 1924, Fundição Aurea was active in the lead pipe market in the first decades of its existence. This product was an important input in the construction industry and drove the company's growth in its early years.

After the advent of PVC tubes, the company, which already had lead sheets for shielding X-ray rooms, turned to the medical market, becoming the first Brazilian company to operate in this segment, Radiological Protection.

Pioneering Radiological Protection

Over the years and with the development of nuclear medicine, AUREA created the first portfolio of products for shielding the handling, storage and transportation of radiopharmaceuticals. Also at this time, the development of Gamma-Graphy for industrial use created the need for products and services aimed at protecting these environments. And once again we have innovated by creating products in this area.

Radiotherapy was still at the beginning of its beautiful and powerful trajectory when we started working in this area. From the implementation of the first Cobalt machines at INCA's headquarters, we built the first doors for Radiotherapy. Today there are more than 200 units installed in Brazil and in five countries.

Our doors are synonymous with reliability and security. Although we are a century-old company, innovation has always motivated us and carried us through the years. Although we are a century-old company, innovation has always motivated us and carried us through the years.

Today, under the direction of the fourth generation, we are developing, through our Research and Development Center - the AUREA LAB - new products, businesses and services, always with the same purpose: Protecting and Serving you.

Vision, mission and values

Promoting well-being and protecting lives through dedicated solutions.


To be at the forefront of innovation in medical safety, raising global health standards.


Innovation, assertiveness, modularity, sustainability.