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Building bunkers

Tailor-made Bunker solutions, building the future of radiotherapy

With a focus on ease of deployment, reduced costs and space efficiency, AureaMedic offers a complete and innovative approach to bunker construction. Our solutions ensure a predictable construction schedule, uninterrupted operational continuity and minimal impact on hospital routines.


Volume reduction


Bunker designs made


Reduction of months in construction time

High Density Blocks

A product patented by the Aurea Group, high-density blocks are a safe, economical and effective solution, reaching up to 4.4 tons per m³. Its modular structure allows for quick and clean installation, guaranteeing precision and agility in the project. Supplied, delivered and installed without any headaches.


High Density Ceilings

Our high-density modular ceilings offer superior protection and are capable of reducing the volume of ceilings by more than 40%. Ideal for installations in clinics and hospitals with limited space, basements, or with occupancy above the bunker. Much denser than reinforced concrete, same protection and less space.


Mega Blocks and Mega Walls

For projects that require efficiency and speed, mega blocks and walls reduce construction time by more than 50%. With a unique assembly system and a density of 2.35 tons per m³, they provide robust, homogeneous structures ready for modern challenges. Its unique assembly system allows you to build your bunker in any city in the world.


Complete turnkey solutions

AureaMedic leads the way with turnkey solutions that cover everything from planning and construction to preparation for final installation, offering a complete, integrated service for your radiotherapy or diagnostic center.


Motorized Doors

Our motorized doors are designed to guarantee safety and durability. With over 200 units installed in 6 countries, our doors offer reliable operation with uptime of over 98%.


Modular system for installing bunkers

High-density technology reduces the volume of bunker walls by up to 50%, saving space. Our scheduled construction delivers projects on time, guaranteeing precision and efficiency.

Our solutions make it easier to set up new services, minimizing indirect and total costs, which speeds up financial returns and results in faster invoicing.

We ensure that patient treatment continues uninterrupted, with after-hours work to avoid inconvenience, ensuring minimal interference in hospital routines.

We complete construction in up to 120 days, with simple processes and preparations for immediate finishing. Our removable structures promote economic viability and low environmental impact, in line with sustainability.


A step-by-step guide to your project


Initial Planning and Consulting

We develop a detailed business plan, assess the viability of the space and select the ideal technology for your project

Design and Approval

Integration of Site Planning with the shielding project, architecture and complementary projects (electrical, foundation) while managing approval with regulatory bodies

Construction and Installation

We start construction with precision, finish with a manufacturer’s inspection and prepare the site for the arrival of the equipment

See our bunker solutions

Our project portfolio reflects innovation and personalization at every stage, ensuring results that exceed expectations

Transform your project with our expertise

Interested in elevating your project with our advanced technologies? Contact us today and see how we can transform your space with personalized and innovative solutions