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Bunker construction


AureaMedic brings the Halcyon® Bunker Solution: a solution that ensures total adherence to the specifications described in Varian's PPG


Halcyon Bunker Solution

Halcyon® Bunker Solution strictly complies with all PPG Varian recommendations, with qualified execution that includes CNEN, electrical, architectural and structural, detailed electrical installations, vinyl flooring, gas network installation, logic points, refrigerant network for plug-and-play refrigeration systems, complementing a controlled and comfortable environment.

Halcyon® Bunker Solution brings you all the solutions perfectly integrated with Varian's PPG from the foundation to the moment you receive the equipment. We're ready to give you all the support you don't already have. We'll work with four hands and we'll be all the hands you need.

Bunker construction technologies


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Ready to transform your radiotherapy center with the most advanced solution on the market? Contact AureaMedic and find out how Halcyon Bunker Solution can raise the standard of your service