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Special Projects

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Aureamedic is involved in the development and execution of various projects involving the use of ionizing radiation in radiological protection. Whether it’s the construction of bunkers and special rooms, shields for sources (sealed or not), doors with large tonnages and complex automation, booths for non-destructive testing, we are present in the research and development and execution of special projects.


Power Generation

Thanks to its centuries of experience in special projects, Aurea is able to provide solutions for nuclear power generation projects. Such as special doors with complex automation, tanks for storing and decaying radioactive waste and photon, gamma and neutron shielding for small reactors.

Aurea is the only supplier approved by the Navy to provide shielding solutions for the Nuclear Project


Defense Industry

Application of nuclear technologies in defense projects, including nuclear engines and submarines, with innovative shielding and security solutions


Patient Experience

Aurea is committed to the patient experience in hospital environments. Our architecture team will support your team in humanizing your environments. The creation of spaces and environments that mitigate the impression of the hospital environment brings comfort and better acceptance of treatments.

Benefits of special projects

Experienced team with experience in various challenges

Permanent research and development team

Prototyping using 3D printing

Quality assurance team to meet the strictest standards

Own certified testing laboratories

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Our project portfolio reflects innovation and personalization at every stage, ensuring results that exceed expectations

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