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Special Projects

Patient Experience

Find a more welcoming and harmonious hospital architecture here. We use color harmonization, biophilic lighting and other techniques to create the best environments


Humanizing hospital environments

Aurea is committed to the patient experience in hospital environments. Our architecture team will support your team in humanizing your environments. The creation of spaces and environments that mitigate the impression of the hospital environment, including the use of skypictures, which project tranquil images onto the ceiling and bring comfort and better acceptance of treatments.


Architecture and design focused on the patient

Your search for a more welcoming and harmonious hospital architecture is here. Using elements such as color harmonization, lighting with the use of biophilia and other techniques, we will always look for the best environments


Technological highlights in our projects


Skypicture transforms ceilings into starry skies or serene landscapes, offering a visual refuge that softens the experience indoors


Biophilia improves the well-being and health of the people around it, and ensures comfort by improving the temperature, air quality and acoustics of environments

Color Harmonization

The colors of the lamps, in particular, are used for therapeutic purposes. The aim is to provide quality, tranquillity and harmony for physical and mental health

Space efficiency and uninterrupted operational continuity were crucial to maintaining the quality of our service during the process.

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Creating welcoming environments

Our project portfolio reflects innovation to develop projects that reflect a vision of humanized care

Transform your patient's experience

Interested in improving the patient experience in your hospital? Contact AureaMedic to explore how our design solutions can make a difference