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Turn-Key Solutions

GE HealthCare

Complete solutions for Imaging Centers, PET CT and Nuclear Medicine, driving innovation in healthcare


Specialized infrastructure

AureaMedic provides specialized infrastructure for GE HealthCare devices. Our comprehensive experience in building customized bunkers for Imaging Centers, PET CT and Nuclear Medicine complements GE's technological innovations, enabling the implementation of solutions that exceed the demands of modern treatment and diagnosis.


Partnership that generates excellence

AureaMedic and GE, united by decades of collaboration, have been raising the bar in the healthcare market with joint projects since 2022. As a GE-certified supplier of building services, we pride ourselves on adhering to the highest standards of radiation safety.

Beyond construction: Customized turnkey solutions

Engineering integrated into your project

We understand your project and adapt it to your equipment and service. Our approach goes further, offering precise engineering solutions, from space to budget.

Agility with high-density blocks

Our fast and effective modular solutions include patented high-density blocks, optimizing cost and time, with superior protection.

Durable doors and low maintenance

The most durable doors in Brazil guarantee low maintenance and uptime of over 98%, combining security and efficiency.

Leadership in radiation protection

With more than 100 years dedicated to radiological protection, we innovate in shielding and security with advanced solutions.

Transform your project with our expertise

Interested in elevating your healthcare center with AureaMedic's turn-key solutions for GE devices? Contact us to discuss your project