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Turn-Key Solutions


Customized solutions for Siemens technologies in radiology, PET CT and Nuclear Medicine, guaranteeing complete integration and support


Advanced Siemens technology

As a member of the Siemens Enterprise Services solutions team, AureaMedic brings specialized infrastructure that aligns with Siemens' technological innovation. Our turn-key solutions not only facilitate the implementation of Siemens' cutting-edge technologies in radiology, PET CT and Nuclear Medicine, but also ensure environments designed to maximize treatment efficiency and safety.


Advanced Siemens technology

United by technology and guided by safety, AureaMedic and Siemens are shaping the future of healthcare. To choose Siemens is to choose innovation; to choose Aurea is to guarantee protection.

Beyond construction: Customized turnkey solutions

Engineering integrated into your project

We understand your project and adapt it to your equipment and service. Our approach goes further, offering precise engineering solutions, from space to budget.

Agility with high-density blocks

Our fast and effective modular solutions include patented high-density blocks, optimizing cost and time, with superior protection.

Durable doors and low maintenance

The most durable doors in Brazil guarantee low maintenance and uptime of over 98%, combining security and efficiency.

Leadership in radiation protection

With more than 100 years dedicated to radiological protection, we innovate in shielding and security with advanced solutions.

Transform your project with our expertise

Ready to integrate Siemens technology with specialized turn-key solutions from AureaMedic? Contact us to find out how we can turn your project into a center of excellence in healthcare